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Happy Friday!  Can you believe New Year’s Eve is tomorrow already?!  This year has gone by so quickly, but it sure was a good one!  One thing that I love about the end of the year is not only looking to the year ahead to plan out & set goals of where we want to be, but also to look back at the past year to see where we’ve been and how far we have come.  It has been so much fun for me to grow with you all here on Fashion Over Fatigue for the past year and to share my outfits, style advice, and memories with you.  I have big dreams and plans for FoF in 2017, but today I wanted to look back to share with you all my top 16 favorite posts/shoots/outfits from 2016.  I had such a great time putting this together because not only was I looking back on the outfits, but I was able to re-live all of the behind the scenes moments from these shoots as well.  As many of you know, my boyfriend Drew is my photographer so all of these outfits/photos hold such fun memories of trips we’ve taken, things we’ve done, or even weather we’ve braved just to get the shot.  Thank you so much for making Fashion Over Fatigue a part of your life in 2016, and I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings for us all!

  1.  Floral Skirt for Spring – Drew and I shot this look as a Valentine’s Day outfit idea, and what you can’t tell from these photos is that it was actually about 40 degrees out that day and the wind was insane!  Texas weather is so unpredictable and un-seasonal that we always end up having to brave the elements in order to get the shot at the time we need it (ie: shooting off-the-shoulder tops when it is freezing out, or shooting sweaters & winter coats when it is still 90 degrees out!).  I love how these photos turned out though so it was worth it!

2.  Tweed & Fringe for Spring – This was one of my favorite looks that we shot last spring because I love the tweed & fringe top so much!   Most of the outfits that we shoot for FoF end up being either weekend wear or fancier outfits, so I love how this look was perfect for the working girl (aka what I usually am wearing M-F!).

3.  Springtime at Texas Tulips – This was another one of my favorite shoots because the location was simply amazing!  My dad filled in as my photographer for this shoot and it was such a fun day at the tulip farm picking out our own flowers to take home with us.

4.  Coral Tassel Dress – I probably wore this dress about once a week during the spring/summer – I just could not get enough of it!  I also love how the coral plays off of the blue tiles so perfectly.

5.  Yellow Summer Dress – This shoot almost didn’t happen!  I had a very specific, beach-y vibe in mind for this shoot but we had such a hard time finding a location in Austin to shoot it.  We randomly stumbled upon some palm trees at the Domain and it ended up working out perfectly as a backdrop for this dress!

6.  Beach Bum + My New Favorite Swimsuit –  We shot this post when we visited South Padre Island for Drew’s birthday last summer.  He agreed to shoot the look for me only if he could stay sitting in his chair on the beach and not have to get up, so I just moved around and posed as he relaxed in his chair to snap the pictures!

7.  Pineapple of My Eye – We also shot this look while on our South Padre trip while on our way to dinner one evening.  I loved these pineapple shorts for our beach trip and you just can’t beat that palm tree background!

8.  #FOFxPCH:  Off The Shoulder at Pebble Beach –  One of my most favorite memories from 2016 was the road trip that Drew and I took down the California Coastline back in July (see our full itinerary & VLOG here).  This look was shot at Pebble Beach and I actually scuffed up my sandals when climbing on these rocks to get the shot!  It was such a fun day & memory though because we went to dinner in Carmel-by-the-Sea right after which was so pretty.

9.  #FOFxPCH:  Cold Shoulder at the LACMA –  Visiting the Urban Light exhibit was on the top of my LA to-do list, so I was so excited to shoot this look in front of it.  We ended up visiting the museum on a Wednesday so it was closed (totally unplanned!), which worked out in our favor because there were no people around.

10.  #FOFxPCH: Chartreuse in Santa Barbara – This was a look that we quickly shot while walking from our hotel in Santa Barbara over to the beach/pier for a drink.  What I love most about this shoot is that it was totally unplanned, and it just happened to end up looking amazing!  Santa Barbara is such a stunning city that the palm trees set against the mountains really make for such a stunning background!

11. #FOFxPCH: Maxi Dress in Santa Barbara – This look was also shot in Santa Barbara, and I love it because this blue maxi dress was just so perfect for the California summer.

12.  Duster Cardigan + I Got a Haircut! – This look was the first “fall” look that we shot this year, and it holds a special memory for me because earlier that day I had cut off about 6 inches of my hair!  It was such a big transformation for me and I love being able to look back on my long hair as well as my short hair to see how I’ve changed throughout the year.

13.  First Day of Fall –  What is so funny to me about this shoot is that while it was for the first day of fall, it was still 95 degrees outside when we photographed it!  So what you don”t see is me sweating and taking off my jacket in between snaps because I was dying from the heat!  🙂

14. How to Get Ready For The Holidays – I love a good red dress for the holidays, and this one was my favorite for this year!  I simply love the lace and paired with all white accessories, it really helped me to get in the holiday spirit.

15. Essentials for a Chilly Day – Most of the time when Drew & I set out to take pictures for the blog, I have a general idea of where we are going to go to shoot the pictures.  About half the time it doesn’t work out though (due to too many people, lighting, the background not looking like I thought it would, etc), so we end up having to scramble around last minute to try to find a location that fits with the theme of the shoot.  That’s exactly what happened in this case, and we were both getting frustrated so finally I said “how about I just sit in front of this tree?!” – and it actually ended up looking amazing and was one of my most favorite fall shoots that we did!  It was a great reminder that sometimes less is more and to just take a breath and enjoy the process!

16.  Happy December –  Last year we shot this red Christmas dress in front of the Christmas tree at the Domain, and it was one of my favorite holiday shoots of the season.  I knew I wanted to recreate that shoot this year, so we headed back on over to the Domain early one Sunday morning to snap a few festive photos!  I love love love these shoots for the holidays and it will probably be a tradition that we carry on here on FoF for years to come.

Thank you so much for stopping by, today and always!  I am so thankful that you have made me and Fashion Over Fatigue a part of your life for the past year, and I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings us all.  I hope you have the Happiest New Year & I can’t wait to see you all in 2017!

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