#FOFBeautyWeek: No-Heat Curls + Sleep Styler Review

Happy Monday – I hope everyone had a great weekend!  My weekends are never long enough!

This is going to be a fun week here on FoF because I am devoting this week to all things beauty!  Every now and then I’ll do a post related to beauty products I’ve recently tried or am loving (you can access all of those posts under the “beauty” tab under “categories” in the purple menu bar at the top of this page!), but I am in no way a “beauty blogger” and usually am just figuring things out as I go.  I don’t like to spend a lot of time on getting ready in the morning, and I like to use drugstore products when I can (cheaper + much easier to get to if I run out!).  Hopefully this week will provide you with some fun & informative tips & even introduce you to a few new products along the way.

I thought it would be fun to kick things off with a product review – I’m sure you all have caught an episode of Shark Tank before, right?!  The Sleep Styler was featured on it and ever since then I’ve been seeing them pop up on my Facebook feed and all over the internet.  Basically the Sleep Styler is a set of hair rollers that you wear at night with the promise of soft, gorgeous waves when you wake up.  One of their biggest selling points for me is that they allow you to achieve pretty waves with no heat and minimal time/effort.  I was pretty skeptical (I’ve tried sleep-in rollers before and have never liked them), but one night I got sucked into the black hole that is YouTube and watched literally like 15 different people’s review on them – the general consensus was that they are amazing!  So I had to order for myself to try out – read below to see what I thought!

PS – I apologize in advance for how I look in these photos, LOL.  We took them literally 15 minutes after I woke up so that you could see what they look when they are in the hair as well as what the curls look like right when you take them out!

The Sleep Styler comes in 2 sizes – I ordered the Large which is for long & thick or curly hair.  It came with 8 rollers, which are made of foam and feature a long fabric piece with velcro on the end.  They are actually very easy to put in – you simply wrap your hair up in them (rolling away from the face) and then take the long velcro piece and wrap it the opposite way to keep all of your hair in place.  They recommend that your hair should be about 70-80% dry when putting them in, which actually works out perfect for me since I like to wash my hair at night anyway.

The above photo was taken first thing in the morning after I slept on them all night – and they actually stayed super secure on my head!  I only had 1 roller in the back come loose, and I think it was because I was laying directly on top of it and didn’t secure it well enough.  One thing I was concerned about before ordering was if they would be comfortable to sleep on, and I am pleased to say that I experienced no problems.  It does take a minute to get comfortable once you lay your head down, but since they are made of a soft foam material they are actually kind of like little pillows and didn’t bother me at all as I slept.

Once you wake up, time to take them out!  You can see in the above photo that I got a tiny little kink at the top of that first section, but it’s nothing that a quick pass with a flat iron couldn’t fix.  When removing them, I found it works best to undo the velcro strap, and then lift the roller up so you don’t mess up the curl.

A look at the first curl – pretty amazing, right?!  You can see the roller style much better here as well – like a little pillow!

This photo (above) is what my hair looked like immediately after taking all of the rollers out – can you believe I got those curls with no heat?!  The curls were a little too spiral-y for me, so I ran my fingers through them a little bit and…..

…voila!  Keep in mind – these curls were created with no heat, and I didn’t even put any styling products in at this point.  You can see (below) the top part of my hair is a little frizzy (which is an easy fix), but the curled part is actually so sleek and shiny!

Overall Thoughts:  Yes, the Sleep Styler works!  While they don’t create a super tight curl and can be a little unpredictable (based on how you put the rollers in), the sleep styler does exactly what it claims it will in creating pretty, loose waves.  My curls held pretty well throughout the day, but because it was so humid that day they did fall a bit by the time evening came around.  I think these curlers create a perfect every day wave and are ideal for the girl-on-the-go.  I literally spent less than 5 minutes this morning taking the curlers out of my hair, running my fingers through them to break them up a little, touching up the kinks around my face, and spraying a little hairspray on them.  And the best part of all is that they help to keep your hair healthy since they require no heat at all.  A win-win-win in my book.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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