Going Off The Grid in the Texas Hill Country

SWIMSUITVanilla Beach  Under $40!  //  SUNGLASSES: Tom Ford

Happy Monday!  This past weekend Drew’s parents treated us to a weekend out in the Texas Hill Country, and we had so much fun!  You may remember last year we stayed on the Guadalupe right outside of Hunt, Texas – this year we ventured over to Center Point, Texas and stayed right on the river in the cutest little house.  It was decked out with everything – we had a rope swing, slide, trampoline, canoes, fire pit, floating dock, and a big grassy field to play croquet on.  There were the prettiest Cyprus tress lining the river and I even took a little nap in my hammock out there one afternoon with the wind gently blowing.  It was heavenly!  The weekend was such a blast & these river trips have become a fun tradition that I look forward to all summer long.

Even though I’m not the biggest fan of swimming in the river (although I did take a few rides on that rope swing!), I always love being right on the water and spending time next to it.  There is something so peaceful and relaxing about it – whether it be a river, lake, or ocean.  I just love it!  That on top of not having any cell phone service or Wifi (!) made for a truly relaxing and stress-free weekend.  While I try my best to always be cognizant of when/where I’m on my phone and to not spend too much time on social media, there is no denying that having that instant internet access is something that is part of our culture these days.  Especially with having a blog and trying to grow a social media following across blog networks, Instagram (+InstaStories), Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc., I know I can be guilty of being on my phone way too much sometimes and that I should make a conscious effort to step away a little more often.  Because being “forced” to take a social media/blog/email break this past weekend was actually so relaxing and freeing in a way.  I didn’t feel that constant stress to always be checking in to answer emails or to post on social media or to keep up with what others are posting.  Because I couldn’t check in- even when I wanted to!  It was a nice break.  This probably sounds funny coming from someone who’s entire passion project is internet & social media based, but I think the key to any happy life is to have balance.  Spend a few minutes keeping up with social media, then spend a few minutes reading or taking a walk.  Eat that salad for lunch and then treat yourself to a cookie as a snack.  Work hard on your blog during the week, then step away to take a break from it on the weekends.  Which is something that I think I need to do more of!

PS – this swimsuit has become one of my favorites lately!  It is a one-piece with cutouts to almost make it feel like a two-piece.  The bottom piece is high waisted which kind of gives it a retro-vibe, and it is under $40!

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