How To Get Longer Eyelashes In 3 Easy Steps

I am not one of those people that was born with long eyelashes – but I wish I was!  My friend Annie has the most amazing thick, long, full eyelashes and it looks like she is wearing fake eyelashes even when she doesn’t have on any mascara.  I’ve always been incredibly jealous, (I was born with short, straight lashes) so I’ve tried all kinds of things to get longer eyelashes.  After some trial and error, today I’m sharing with you 3 easy steps to getting longer eyelashes without having to wear fake eyelashes or get eyelash extensions.  I’ve found that these 3 products work best to give you natural looking, long lashes!


Step 1: Use An Eyelash Serum


I have heard about eyelash serums for a long time, but I was always so hesitant to try one!  Would it work?  Would it make irritate my eyelids?  Would it make my eyelashes fall out if I stopped using it?  After doing a little bit of research and reading some reviews, I decided to go ahead and try one out just to see if it worked.  I decided to go with Lilash and started using it back in February.  It took about a month before I saw noticeable results, but once it started working, I was so impressed!  It made my eyelashes longer, fuller, and to my surprise it actually gave them some curl (I haven’t had to use an eyelash curler since I started using the serum!).  It is very easy to apply as well – just one swipe along the lash line of each eye before bed.

When I was researching Lilash online, I read that you have to be careful where you buy it from online as there are many counterfeits out there, so I would recommend purchasing directly from the Lilash website or another reputable retailer that you trust.  I purchased mine from the Lilash website but since then they have stopped shipping to the US.  I have already purchased Neulash to try next when my Lilash runs out because I have heard great things about that serum as well.


Step 2:  Use a Mascara Primer/Base

IMG_0215To be honest, I never really understood the point of a mascara primer/base – I mean do I really need to add another step to my makeup routine?! Um… YES.  For Christmas I got a Lancome gift set that included this primer, and it really makes such a difference in adding length and definition to your eyelashes!!  It is very easy to use as well – just apply to your eyelashes like you would mascara, and then once it has set for a few seconds you cover it up with your real mascara (the point of the primer is to lengthen your eyelashes so that your mascara has something to stick to).  I have also found that it doesn’t even take that much extra time/effort – just let one eye set while you swipe the other eye, and then you’re ready for your mascara.  I have tried other versions of mascara primers, but they tend to get cake-y, don’t add much length, and can sometimes be too stiff.  This Lancome primer is simply the best and is a must-have for adding length to your eyelashes!


You can see in this photo the white primer on my lashes – adds so much length!

Step 3:  Use Your Favorite Mascara


Last but not least, in order to get longer looking eyelashes you must use mascara.  Once your eyelashes are being lengthened with an eyelash serum and you give the mascara something to stick to with the mascara primer, I have found that you can use any mascara you like – even drugstore brands!  My biggest tip here is to find a mascara brush that you like, rather than searching for a perfect “formula”.  I am currently using Maybelline Mega Plush Volume because I like the wider bristles as well as the flexibility of the brush head.


I didn’t even use an eyelash curler here – it’s all from the Eyelash Serum!


Eyelash Products Used:

Eyelash Serum  |  Mascara Primer  |  Mascara

My Outfit:

Tank  |  Earrings  |  Lipstick  |  Crossover Ring  |  Heart Ring

One Last Tip:  I have found that my eyelashes always look SO much longer when I’m not wearing eyeliner!  I always wear eyeliner to work, but on the weekends I’ll go for a little more natural look sans-eyeliner and so I can play up my lashes!

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