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Happy Friday – I hope everyone had a great week!  Does anyone have fun plans for the weekend?!  Here are this week’s Friday Favorites!

Heads Up Game App – on Saturday Drew and I played this game at our friend’s dinner party and it was SO much fun (plus it is from Ellen so you know it’s going to be hilarious!)!  It’s kind of like Taboo … you hold up the tablet/phone above your head and the other people on your team have to describe the word that is on the screen.  Once you guess the word  correctly, you tilt the phone forward and a new word appears on the screen for you to guess!  The best part of all is that it records the whole thing so you can watch a video playback of the round once your turn is over – it is hilarious!


Blow Drying My Hair At Night – I have always been in the habit of showering/washing my hair at night before I go to sleep… with long, thick hair like mine there is just not enough time in the mornings to wash it!  I have always just gone to bed with my hair wet and would style it in the morning, but lately I’ve started blow-drying it at night before I go to sleep and it has made such a difference.  I find that the products that I use (in particular this Its a 10 Spray – a must have!) work better when the heat is applied shortly after I spray it in rather than 10 hours later when I try to style it in the morning.  Blow drying my hair at night as also cuts my styling time in the morning down to about 5 minutes… which means I can hit “snooze” on my alarm a few more times!IMG_3723

This Coach Perfume:  This. Perfume. Is. So. Good.  I am obsessed!  So when I was in high school I randomly had a limited edition perfume from PINK by Victoria’s Secret that I was in love with – it was flowery and fruity and was my favorite for spring/summertime.  Naturally I was sad when that bottle ran out, but fast forward several years later to last weekend when I discovered Poppy by Coach – it smells exactly like the VS perfume that I used to love!  Unfortunately this scent is discontinued by Coach, but it’s still available at all kinds of retailers like Target, Amazon, or Kohl’s.  I am going to need to stock up! 🙂 (PS: the pink shoes in the photo are available here & the necklace is from here!)


Tory Burch Spring Sale Event:  Save 20% off your purchase of $250 or more, 25% off your purchase of $500 more, and 30% off your purchase of $750 or more with code BLOOM (ends Monday 4/25);  Shop some of my favorite picks in the widget below! You may have to turn off your ad-blocker to view the content:

 Have a great weekend – thanks for stopping by!


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  • another chilly day, another #ootd selfie ❄️ needed alllllll of the ☕️ today - it was one of those days! 🤪 happy pre-pre-friday y’all 🤣 #liketkit
  • put yo’ hood up ☃️ trying our best to stay warm today - we didn’t get any snow but brrrrrrrr was it chilly out ❄️ which i LOVED 🤗 charlie’s wasn’t really feeling it though 🤣 also this isn’t the most glamorous #ootd but it is real life & this coat has kept me toasty warm for years! linking up the details via ❤️ #liketkit
  • no bigger disappointment than hoping for a snow day & then waking up to find out it’s just going to be a really really really cold day #butiwannabuildasnowman 😑❄️😭 oh well maybe tomorrow! 🙂 on a completely unrelated note, i recently shared that one of my new year’s resolution’s is to transition my skincare into using more natural products (as well as 100% cruelty-free), so today on FoF i’m sharing 5 of my favorite products that i’ve recently picked up from @wholefoods - and they are all under $15! 🙌 check it out via the link in my bio💗 #liketkit
  • bundled up & ready for the cold front! 🤗 hoping we wake up to tons of snow & icy roads so i can work from home tomorrow & stay in my pjs all day 🤣❄️ ☃️ shop my #ootd via 💗 found a couple of dupes for my faux fur scarf & one of them is less than $10 🙌 #liketkit
  • happy sunday 😍 somehow i got 10 hours of sleep last night 🙌 so i am up & at ‘em and ready to get allllll of the things done today! 👊 so far i’ve already completed #bbgweek6 💪, walked the pups 🐾, went to whole foods 🍊 & trader joe’s 🌹, wrote a blog post 🤓, and now i’m making a breakfast scramble 🍳 while drew watches the liverpool game ⚽️. and its only 10am! 🤣 hopefully the rest of my day will be equally as productive🤪
  • super casual & basic #ootd for running some errands on this chilly saturday! ❤️ first stop: @awskininstitute for a facial 💆🏻‍♀️ one of my new year’s resolutions is to invest more into my skincare regimen, and one way i plan on doing that is by treating myself to a facial every other month #treatyoself 🙌 hope everyone has a great saturday! ✨ #liketkit

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