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I hope everyone had a great weekend!  My weekend started out a little crazy – as I was walking my dogs on Friday evening, a super sweet lost dog came up to us!  She was wearing a collar but didn’t have any tags or identification on her (she wasn’t even micro-chipped), so she ended up spending the night with us until we were able to locate her owner on Saturday evening.  If there’s one thing in the world I just can’t wrap my head around, it’s not having tags/identification on your dogs and not having them micro-chipped!  I am definitely an overprotective/obsessed fur-mama and I just can’t imagine what I would do if one of my pups went missing.   What’s funny is that this isn’t even the first “lost dog” I’ve found – it’s about the fourth one in the past six months – just call me the dog whisperer!

Now on to today’s dog-themed post!  I spend about an hour a day walking my two dogs (remember this post with with my bigger dog, Miles?), so I thought I’d share what my typical go-to look is when I’m taking them out.  I love to opt for “athliesure” looks like cropped pants, a pullover tee, and some fun tennies (these actually used to be my running shoes before I realized how un-supportive they are!  Now I use them for walking the dogs/running errands and I run in these).  I am a big fan of Old Navy’s Active line – they have the cutest styles of athleisure wear as well as athletic wear and the prices are extremely reasonable.  Below I’ve linked some of my favorite “athleisure” pieces as well as the look I’m wearing above.

I’ve had Charlie (the maltese that is modeling with me above) for almost 4 years and my german-shepherd mix, Miles, for about a year and a half, and over that time I have tried so many different doggie products.  Some of them have been a total waste of money (take it from Miles:  if a toy or bed claims it is “indestructible”…… it is most definitely NOT!) but others have turned out to be great buys and are items that have worked well for us.  Below I’ve rounded up some of the top items that I use for Miles, Charlie, and both of the dogs on a daily basis and that I’ve found that are worth the investment.  Every dog/situation is a little bit different (for example, Miles is crate-trained because he came from a shelter and is used to that, whereas Charlie would whine his head off if I put him in a crate), but hopefully this can give you some good ideas of things that have worked for us!

Doggie Products

For The Bigger Pups:

Crate – As mentioned above, Miles is crate-trained (it’s his “safe space” + I feed him in his crate and he actually sleeps in there by choice as well!).  Buying a create from Amazon is definitely the way to go  – I got this one for about $40 when all of the pet stores I check out were charging well over $100 for the exact same item.  I also like this one because it has a door on the front or the side, so depending on your space you can use either one.

Easy Walk Harness – Miles pulls a ton when he walks, but this redirects his force and forces him to slow down. We never go on a walk without it!

Kong Zoom Groom – this handy little device helps to remove the loose hair from dogs that shed without being painful or difficult to use.

Kong Tug Toy – Being a bigger dog with a lot of energy, Miles destroys just about every single toy I give to him – except this one!  It’s made from a rubber material and he loves it because it is perfect for tug-of-war (his favorite game).

For The Smaller Pups:

NaturVet Tear Stain Supplement – because Charlie is a maltese / white dog, when he was little he used to get those unsightly brown stains around his eyes.  I’ve always heard of people using the brand Angel Eyes to remedy this, but we tried the NaturVet version (it’s less expensive) and it works perfectly – I just sprinkle a little bit on his food in the mornings and he doesn’t even know it’s there.

Blanket Toy – To Charlie, this isn’t just a toy – it’s his best friend!  He literally sleeps with it, snuggles up to it, grooms it, and also shakes it around and plays tug-of-war with it.  It’s so cute!  He never really cared much for any other type of toy but these blanket ones are his favorite (I’ve only been able to find them by Martha Stewart at Petsmart).

Kong Comfort Harness – Charlie doesn’t pull much on the walks, but sometimes he will chase a bunny (or a bike) and so I like for him to also be on a harness so that he doesn’t choke himself.  I especially like this style of harness because it has a handle on the back, so if I need to I can pull him back or catch him quickly using that.

Whitening Shampoo – another white-dog item, but this shampoo smells so good – it’s lavender-rosemary!  This brand also makes other types of doggie shampoos that I’m sure smell just as amazing.

For All the Pups

Custom Embroidered Dog Collar – this is perfect for if you don’t like the jingle-jangle sound of the tags on a collar.  It’s also perfect for if your dog gets loose and I find it because then I will know who to call 🙂

Blue Bones Dental Treats – My dogs love these, and they are good for their teeth!  I usually break the bones in half when I give them out so they last longer because the package is a little pricey.

Kong Leash – I use this style of leash for both Charlie and Miles – I really like it because the handle is padded to make it more comfortable and it also has another loop closer to the bottom so you can hold your dog close if needed.

Gulpy Travel Water Bottle with Bowl – I love this little invention because it is a bottle and a bowl for your dog, all-in-one!  We always take this with us when we take the dogs hiking or someplace where they will be outside for a while.  It’s so convenient because you simply pull down the bowl part and squeeze the bottle and it’s ready for your pup to take a drink!

Pet Shower Attachment – when I first got Charlie and had no idea what I was doing, we used to give him baths in the backyard using the hose – the thought of that now makes me laugh because it was always so difficult!  This attachment goes on your shower head and makes giving your pup a bath so so so simple.  A definite must-have!

Custom Dog Painting by Lynn Clup – this last one isn’t technically for the dogs 🙂  Drew gave me a painting of Charlie for my birthday a couple of years ago and then surprised me with a painting of Miles for my birthday last week.  Lynn does such an amazing job of capturing the details and personality of the dogs in her paintings – they are my most favorite pieces of decor that I own!

Thanks for stopping by!  Don’t forget to make sure your dog has tags and/or is micro-chipped! 🙂



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