11 Pieces Worth Splurging On

I hope everyone had a great week – I am so ready for the weekend!  The first week back at work/getting back in the swing of things after the holidays is always the hardest so I’m definitely looking forward to relaxing this weekend… I also plan on cleaning out my closet so fingers crossed I get that done too!

One of my New Year’s Resolutions for this year is to wear the clothes I already have more as well as spending less money on “fast fashion” and instead spending that money on more worthwhile pieces.  I’ve never liked the term “investment pieces” because to me that makes it sound like the item you are purchasing is going to go up in value…which is obviously not going to happen once you use something & have it for years!  However, I am all about the idea of investing your money in pieces that are of better quality and construction so that they last longer and will have a higher Cost Per Wear.  Today I thought I’d round up some items that I truly feel warrant spending a little extra money on because these pieces can be used year after year and most of them can even be used year-round on a daily basis.  Of course there are always cheaper/knock-off alternatives out there, but I think that if you invest in something of better quality, it will last you longer and therefore be worth the cost.  I personally own all of these items (and have had almost all of them for 4+ years!) so I can attest to how great they are!

Investment Pieces

Ugg Boots (On Sale!) – I got my first pair of Uggs in 2007 and let me tell you, once you get a pair of Uggs you will never know how you survived before!  They are so durable, warm, cozy, and perfect for frigid winter days.  I have the Chestnut color and despite having worn them almost daily every winter for nearly 8 years, they still look brand new.  Ugg also makes protectants & cleaners you can buy but to be honest I haven’t used any of them and mine still look great.  Disclaimer:  the shearling Uggs aren’t made for snow (they are a fabric material so they will end up just getting wet), but are perfect for cold days.

A Wallet That Fits All of Your Things – Finding a good wallet is so difficult!  I worked for Michael Kors for two years and I would hear time and time again from customers about how they couldn’t find a wallet that had the layout they liked, about how the wallets didn’t have enough card slots or a spot for a checkbook/receipts, about how the coin compartment wasn’t big enough, etc.  Finding a wallet that works for you is what is most important, and I would advise you to not be afraid to invest more money into getting the wallet that fits your needs as a wallet is something that you will use every single day and isn’t something that most people change out all that often.  I got this Prada wallet several years ago and although it was a big splurge, I know that I won’t ever need to buy another wallet as this one holds everything exactly as I like it.

A Great Pair of Jeans (in a dark wash) – This one is pretty self explanatory – jeans are a part of life!  A few years ago I found my go-to style  (J Brand Maria) because I love the high-waisted fit, the dark color, and the skinny cut so I can wear them with flats or tucked into boots.  When you wear jeans every day, it is worth investing in a pair that will last!

A Saffiano Leather Tote Bag (in a neutral color) – Allow me to put my Michael Kors hat back on and explain why Saffiano Leather is the way to go.  When leather is being tanned and treated, a rolling treatment is done to the leather that gives it a tiny cross-hatched pattern.  This process makes the leather feel stiffer (ie: the bag will stand up on its own rather than collapsing like a bag made of softer pebbled or smooth leather would do) and it also makes the leather water and scratch resistant.  Yep, you read that right – scratch resistant!  I am definitely not the most careful or gentle with my bags  (ie: throwing them on the floor of the car, accidentally hitting them on walls or doorways when I walk through, etc). and I have had several bags in this type of leather that still literally look brand new.  Also, this type of leather is available at all price points from Michael Kors to Tory Burch all the way up to Prada.

A Puffy Coat (On Sale!)– When I moved to New York in January several years ago for my internship at Bergdorf Goodman, this Texas girl knew she was going to need something to keep her warm!  Now that I live back in Texas, I still use this coat all the time in the winter (year after year) as it keeps me extremely warm and has a hood that can even be worn for rainy/snowy days.

A Durable Phone Case & Screen Protector – Take it from the girl that just paid Apple over $100 to have her shattered screen replaced – you don’t want to skimp on this!

A Perfume That You Love – Over the past few years I’ve gone back and forth between using expensive perfumes and body sprays from Bath & Body Works.  While I think both are great to have, there is something extra special about getting dressed up for a big day at work, a fancy event, or a date night and finishing off your look with a spritz of your favorite scent.  I love this one for the springtime  & this is my go-to winter fragrance.

Good Quality Running/Athletic Shoes – This is so important!  Your feet are your foundation and if you are exercising in poor quality shoes without the proper support, it could lead to not only foot injuries, but knee and back problems as well.  Save yourself the pain, do a little bit of research, and get some athletic shoes to fit your needs.  Even if you aren’t exercising, it’s great to have a quality pair for when you are walking the dogs or running errands.

Hunter Rain Boots – Okay, I admit it – I just got these boots last week!  I feel like I finally understand what all of the hype about Hunters is now – they are the most comfortable rainboots I’ve ever put on, the highest quality, and they are easy to pull on & off.  Also I always had to look for “wide calf” rainboots with other brands (which is weird because I never thought I had wide calves?!), but these fit perfectly and there’s even room for thick socks/rain boot liners.  They do tend to run large (I usually wear a 6.5 in shoes), so make sure to size down when you order (I ordered a 6).

A Decent Sized Cross-body (in a neutral color) – You definitely need a cross-body in your life!  I have two and have had them for years & years.  Make sure to look for one in a decent size – one of my pet peeves is cross-bodies that are too small to fit a normal sized wallet.  You’ll want to find one that can hold all of your essentials (for me that includes wallet, phone, keys, and sunglasses) and don’t be afraid to try fitting your items in the bag before you purchase it to make sure they fit comfortably!  You’ll love being able to have your hands free as well as the freedom to not have to always carry around a heavy handbag.

Polarized Sunglasses – I have found that when I have a more expensive pair of sunglasses, I tend to treat them better by always making sure to keep them in their case, clean the lenses with a cloth, and to not place them on top of my head as to stretch them out.  Also, if you are going to spend the money to get a nice pair of glasses, you might as well just go the extra mile to get the polarized pair as it really does make all of the difference.

And of course even though these items are high quality and retail for higher prices, I always am looking to get them for a deal!  I constantly keep my eye out at department stores because believe it or not, these items do go on sale sometimes!  Macy’s has a Friends & Family Sale (in addition to all of their other sales) a few times a year (usually right before Mother’s Day, sometime in the Fall, and right before Christmas) where you can score 25% off regular priced items; Nordstrom has end-of-season sales as well as their huge Anniversary sale in July; and Dillard’s holds clearance events at the end of (almost) every month where they run an extra 30-40% off of already reduced clearance items (the best deal on Michael Kors handbags ever I’ve seen!).

Happy Shopping!  Thanks for stopping by & have a great weekend!



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