How To: Make a Gift Bow

One my favorite parts of the holiday season is picking out, wrapping, and giving gifts to my loved ones!  I love the way a hand-made bow looks on top of a gift as it really makes it extra-special.  One of my favorite Christmas traditions is eating popcorn, watching a Christmas movie, and wrapping up all of the packages with beautiful bows on top.  Read on to learn how to create your own bow, step-by-step!


Gift Bow Earrings  |  Sweater (old, Similar)  |  Necklace  |  Socks (pictured below)  |  Watch

Supplies:  Gift Wrap, Scissors, Pipe Cleaners, Ribbon (must have the “wire edge” & it’s best if the width is between 2-3 inches)


Step 1: Wrap your gifts!


Step 2: Cut your pipe cleaner in half (so it is about 5-6 inches long)


Step 3: Pinch the end of your ribbon & hold it like so:


Step 4:  Fold the ribbon around to create a small loop:


Step 5:  Now you’re ready to create your first petal!  Once you’ve created it at the size you want, pinch the ribbon together with the loop part that is in your left hand.


Step 6:  Before you create your next petal, you may need to do one additional step depending on what type of ribbon you have.  If you have a ribbon with a “good side” and a “bad side” (as I do here – one side has the glittery dots and the other side has nothing), then you will need to twist the ribbon to turn it over before creating your next petal.  If your ribbon has two “good” sides, then you can just create your next petal without twisting it over.


Step 7:  Try to make the second petal about the same size as the first one:


Step 8:  Twist the ribbon over if needed & create your third petal (which will be next to your first petal!):


Step 9:  Continue creating petals, one at a time.  I usually do 6 petals per bow, but you can always add more if you like to make it even fuller.


Step 10:  Keep creating petals:


Step 11:  Make sure you are pinching everything together in your left hand as you go to keep it nice and tight!


Step 12:  Once you have created all of your petals, grab your pipe cleaner:


Step 13:  Insert the pipe cleaner through the loop that we created at the beginning:


Step 14:  Twist the pipe cleaner at the bottom of the bow to keep everything secure & nice and tight!


Step 15:  Cut the bow off of the spool of ribbon (you can also trim down the pipe cleaner at this point):


And voila – you have created your bow!


Step 16:  Next step is to grab your wrapped gift & turn it over upside-down.  Position your ribbon like so underneath it:


Step 17:  Take the two strands of ribbon & twist them:


Step 18:  Then turn the gift back right-side up.  At this point I usually guesstimate about how much ribbon I will need for the remainder of the process so I can cut it off of the spool so it is easier to work with.  Take your two loose ends of ribbon and slide them under the ribbon that is going perpendicular:


Step 19:  Once you have the ribbons like the below picture, you’ll tie them together in a knot that will catch the other piece of ribbon in it:


Step 20:  Place your bow on top, and take the ribbons from the gift and slide them through the loop on the bow and tie so that it holds the bow down securely:IMG_3444

Step 21:  Once everything is in place, you can cut off the excess length of the ribbons:IMG_3455

Step 22:  Fluff up your bow:IMG_3459

And you’re done!

IMG_3463 - CopyIMG_3469IMG_3470IMG_3480

Best of luck!  You can also check out YouTube videos if you need more tips & tricks on how to create your own bow 🙂


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